The focus of Play Professors is to create a play-based learning environment, managed by early years and education experts. We aim to provide a welcoming setting in which families feel secure and confident in the care we are providing. Our intention for Play Professors is to ensure we are providing an environment that is safe and challenging for children with different ages and stages of development.

Our philosophy aims to welcome each parent as a positive co-partner whose beliefs take a big role in their child’s learning journey. We believe that each young child needs an equal balance of play opportunities that are provided in both the indoor and outdoor environments, enabling their exploration of different surroundings. We feel that it is important for each child to feel they have access to all opportunities across our setting, creating an equal environment. Children thrive to become independent learners, allowing them to problem solve and develop confidence throughout each area of learning.

Play professors currently have an after school club running, based at Histon Early Years Centre. Throughout the week children will be provided with a number of different learning opportunities. Children will have support to complete their homework and reading tasks from school, complimented with a variety of educational activities to develop confidence, teamwork, risk-taking and improvement of fine and gross motor skills.

Our future prospect for Play professors is to further develop the environment we have already built up with the after school club however we aim to use the skills of our Early years and education experts and push them further into building a new type of Early Years environment that offers and provides outstanding opportunities for children of all age and stage of development. For our staff to work together as a team to ensure an appropriate level of care and support is being provided for each child as well as the expectation and commitment towards safeguarding and promoting the welfare of each child.